Can NMN reverse ageing?

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When a team of Harvard scientists, fronted by renowned longevity expert Dr David Sinclair, PhD, investigates a miracle anti-ageing supplement, you know it is worth paying attention to.


Imagine taking a magical potion to reverse the signs of ageing, giving you more energy, better endurance and even lengthening how long you live? NMN – or beta nicotinamide mononucleotide to use its fancier title – is the extraordinary supplement experts tell us can make that dream a reality. So, how exactly?


Let’s start backwards… Our cells rely on a family of proteins called sirtuins, often nicknamed the “longevity genes”, to regulate healthy cells. However, sirtuins need their good friend the coenzyme NAD+ to function properly and, joy of joys, our NAD+ levels decline with age. Whilst we can’t just simply take NAD+ we can take the preferred NAD+ precursor derived from vitamin B3, known as NMN. Put simply, by upping our NMN intake we can stimulate our longevity genes.


Convinced of the positive effects of increased NMN on longevity, Dr David Sinclair’s team decided to test the theory on mice by adding NMN to their drinking water. Astonishingly, the presence of NMN meant the cells of the older mice were indistinguishable from the younger mice.


A summary of the experiment, published in Cell, concluded that “Treatment of mice with the NAD+ booster nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) improves blood flow and increases endurance in elderly mice.” The findings go on to mention that, “Even at 32 months of age, the effects of aging on the mouse microvasculature were surprisingly easy to reverse.” That is one very old mouse benefiting from much healthier cells.


Dr David Sinclair has, himself, been taking NMN and resveratrol supplements for years as part of a daily anti-ageing routine. However, not all NMN is made equal and the purity can vary. At NMN Bio we only use pharmaceutical grade NMN with a more than 99% purity to promote the most effective cellular regeneration possible.


With no known side effects and the results of similar studies on humans anticipated imminently, NMN is fast becoming the supplement we all wish we had discovered years ago.


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