Could NMN be the best fertility supplement to get pregnant?

Could NMN be the best fertility supplement to get pregnant?

NMN has been recommended as a supplement to help boost fertility by leading fertility expert Dr Marc Sklar – particularly for anyone concerned about egg quality and ovarian reserve. Dr Sklar, who has more than 18 years experience working with couples through online coaching programmes and two San Diego fertility clinics, took time to talk to his more than 216k YouTube subscribers about the research and known benefits supplementing with NMN has been shown to have on fertility. Recognising the many varied studies pointing to a plethora of NMN benefits, Dr Sklar focused solely on the recognised fertility benefits.

Firstly, he outlines exactly how NMN works: “NNM boosts NAD+, which is a key regulator of human metabolism. Moreover, it serves as fuel for our longevity proteins, and these regulate essential cellular processes such as DNA repair and mitochondrial function. It's because of its ability to support DNA repair and mitochondrial function that we see such diverse benefits from the use of NMN.” Drilling down into the fertility benefits he adds, “If we can find a supplement that can help support mitochondria function then we can also inherently support our ability to produce more eggs and better quality eggs. Our levels of NAD+ decrease as we age, which is very common with a lot of other nutrients that decrease as we age like CoQ10. So, if we can support our longevity and improve our NAD+ then NMN becomes a great nutrient to supplement that process.” Dr Sklar makes it clear he would recommend taking NMN over NAD+ for fertility: “For all of you who are out there taking NAD+, I encourage you to think twice about that and start to switch and take the precursor NMN”. Dr Sklar gives several reasons for this, including that “NMN is a smaller molecule, it's also the precursor to NAD+, so if we can give the body the precursor - and it's more absorbable for the body - then we're going to allow the body to create more NAD+ in return.” He explains, “The research around NAD is it doesn't show that we get the same benefits as when we take NMN - this is specific when we're looking at reproductive function and fertility - the research is very positive for NMN but not for NAD+”.

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Here at NMN Bio we strongly support this idea – the goal is to boost NAD+ levels but taking NMN is the most effective way to do that. The additional health benefits NMN supplementation provides which support the fertility journey, on top of improved egg quality, is another reason Dr Sklar thinks NMN can be a good choice for those struggling with infertility: “Other key benefits are that you’re going to have a better sense of wellbeing, more energy, better focus, more stability with your insulin levels as well - so there's many additional benefits to taking NMN as part of your regular supplement regiment, especially when we're looking at supporting egg quality and ovarian health.” Drilling down into the research that’s caught everyone’s attention with regards to NMN and fertility, Dr Sklar tells viewers, “What the researchers found - that when they supplemented with NAD+ in the mice's water for four weeks - they were able to measure a significant increase in NAD+ levels in the oocyte of the reproductive system of these mice, as compared to prior to supplementation with NMN.” Whilst the research to date on mice makes it clear NMN supplementation can have a positive effect on oocyte quality, the jury is still out on just how much NMN is most beneficial.

Human trials have shown the safety of taking up to 1.2g of NMN without any side effects as reported in our previous blog, although Dr Sklar wonders if the fertility research indicates a lower dose is sufficient for improved fertility, saying: “They took two groups of mice - they took one group where they gave a very low level of NMN in their water and they took another group and they gave three times more that amount in their water and what they started to notice was that the group that received the higher amount of NMN did not see a significant change and benefit in their NAD+ levels in their oocytes as compared to the group that received the three times lower amount.” This leads Dr Sklar to wonder if the body just needs “a little bit more support so that it can start to create its own NAD+ in the body”, suggesting 250mg could be an ideal amount to take. The benefits of taking NMN for longer periods is something Dr Sklar feels certain about. Quoting the research, he says: “When the oocytes of the mice received IVF plus NMN-water for two, seven, 14 or 28 days, a longer treatment of NMN led to improved inner cell mass size, which is linked to improved fertility outcomes after IVF.” He adds that this is “really important when we're talking about IVF success rates and outcomes”, explaining that it led to, “improved inner cell mass size, which makes a significant difference in an IVF procedure.”

Quoting the research again, he explains, “Similarly IVF was performed using in vivo oocytes from 12-month-old or four-week-old female mice and the embryos were then cultured with or without NMN. After supplementation with NMN, the embryos from the oocytes of the older mice had improved blastocyst formation …. but the younger mice did not see similar benefits.” Dr Sklar concludes that, “someone with poor IVF response or lower egg quality and is at the younger age will not benefit in the same way from NMN supplementation as a woman who is older and also has the same issues with their fertility because the NAD levels haven't started to decline.” Dr Sklar’s advice is “if you're of slightly older age, if your egg quality and ovarian reserve production is decreasing and you want a little additional support to boost that up then I do think NMN could be an appropriate supplement for you.” If you’re struggling with your own fertility and haven’t yet tried NMN you can begin your NMN journey today by clicking here.

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