What happens to our bodies as we age and can we reverse it

What happens to our bodies as we age and can we reverse it

What happens to our bodies as we age?

Is there a way to reverse aging?

How can supplements and lifestyle changes help us to live longer?

Our founder, Dr Elena Seranova joins Lisa Tamati from Pushing The Limits Podcast to explain how the ageing process works.

She details how to use supplements in addition to lifestyle changes - enabling reverse aging.

She also shares how NMN can be coupled with TMG to create the ultimate longevity supplement.


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Age-related Diseases Dr Seranova expressed that as we get older, we are at more risk of getting diseases. "It's very important to say that the top four killer diseases today are cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurodegeneration, and diabetes.

Their highest risk is the age of the patient, basically. The older you are, the highest your risk of getting one of these diseases". "Actually, we are now starting to realise when aging starts - which is actually at quite a young age basically at the age of 25.

This is where our hormones peak and where the production of NAD peaks as well. NAD is Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, which is a master regulator of human metabolism.

All of those things, including our energy and focus, they all peak at the age of 25". Why Supplement with NMN "NMN stands for Nicotinamide Mononucleotide and it's a vitamin D3 derivative.

It's basically a natural molecule that can be found in small amounts in different foods like avocados and broccoli. But in order to get an actually efficient dosage, you would need to supplement with it.

NMN boosts the levels of your NAD. NAD serves as a fuel for your sirtuin proteins, which are basically responsible for different rejuvenation processes within the cell, including DNA repair. As we age, the production of NAD is declining.

Why Supplement with TMG "TMG does make your NMN efficiency even better and this way, they do work in synergy to produce the best result. Now, not only this, but there have been trials, showing that TMG can also enhance athletic performance and there are a couple of guys that are showing just borderline results.

But interestingly I've heard from one of our customers, that he's been taking NMN for a few months and he's been feeling very good on it. Then he added the TMG and he noticed ( I think 51- 53 - something like that) that it was much easier to preserve and gain muscle in the gym.

Basically, they do have the synergistic effect as well and actually NMN did have two human clinical trials in 2021, showing both that NMN protects, again, age-related muscle loss.

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