Sirtuins, ageing and disease

Disease prevention and treatment has always been of interest to humans, but nowadays with an ageing population, age related disease and effects of ageing have become even more of interest. Why do we age? And what makes us more likely to develop diseases as we age? 

One of the most vital parts of our bodies is our brain, in the central nervous system: a system that is crucial for our quality of life. Cells within this system are called the oligodendrocyte precursor cells and the molecules inside them, sirtuins, hold some of the answers and possible solutions to ageing. 

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What happens to our bodies as we age? Is there a way to reverse aging?

How can supplements and lifestyle changes help us to live longer?

Our founder, Dr Elena Seranova joins Lisa Tamati from Pushing The Limits Podcast to explain how the ageing process works.

She details how to use supplements in addition to lifestyle changes - enabling reverse aging.

She also shares how NMN can be coupled with TMG to create the ultimate longevity supplement.


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