How NMN Bio Can Make You Three Times More Productive — in Just Three Weeks!

How NMN Bio Can Make You Three Times More Productive — in Just Three Weeks!

Incredibly, YouTube sensation Mike Smith found even with an 11-month-old daughter to chase around, he had more energy by taking NMN Bio – increased energy is not something you hear many parents of a toddler declaring!

Mike Star of Modern Man Mike is the star of Modern Man TV, subscribed to by more than 37k viewers who want to gain from Mike’s expertise on product reviews, tutorials and even hair advice – all things for the modern man’s lifestyle.

In a recent video, “How I Increased Focus & Energy With My Testosterone Treatment”, Mike reviews NMN Bio and the impact he’s noticed it’s had on his life. “I'm sharing this today only because I've been using it and seeing some positive results.”

The Role NMN Plays in Human Metabolism and Energy Generation For those new to NMN, Mike explains it’s a “vitamin B3 derivative that has gained quite a lot of popularity over the past couple of years because of its ability to boost NAD+”. Like so many who first look into NAD+, Mike was shocked to learn just how crucial it is not only to our wellbeing as it “plays a central role in human metabolism and energy generation” but to our survival, rightly adding, “if your levels of NAD+ would suddenly drop to zero you would actually be dead in 30 seconds - I mean, that's completely nuts!”

Mike is certainly not the first to be blown away by how vital NAD+ is! Mike takes NMN alongside testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), to “help with things like energy levels and focus”, adding “so I kind of feel like it's worked hand-in-hand with the testosterone replacement therapy.” With so much research already backing up how key NAD+ is to longevity, Mike himself points out “NAD+ also serves as a fuel for your longevity proteins called SIRTUINS”, adding “those SIRTUINS regulate multiple processes in the cell including mitochondrial production and DNA repair”.

For more info on SIRTUINS check out our previous blog.

The Quality of NMN Bio's NMN Knowing exactly what’s in the bottle is pure NMN is what particularly appealed to Mike about NMN Bio. “Plain and simple it's just the NMN I just told you about - the NMN itself, it’s that vitamin B3 derivative and that's all that's in the supplement - that's all that's in NMN Bio, that's it. There's no fillers, no extras, it's just the stuff that you need and that's really what appealed to me.

It’s premium quality, vegan-friendly, allergen-free, non-GMO, pharmaceutical grade and it was founded based on science”.

All of these factors are so important to us at NMN Bio – because the NMN Bio we produce is what goes in our own and our family’s bodies too – so it’s great to see these qualities are just as important to Mike as well.

Why Your Age is an Important Factor in the Decision to Take NMN At NMN Bio we know the main reason your energy levels start decreasing is linked to your hormone production which, in humans, peaks at 25 and unfortunately, it's all downhill from there.

Mike himself is 32 and that’s a big factor behind why he began to take NMN. “They do say anyone over 25 has probably already felt a decline in energy and concentration and in addition to that every decade after 30 your metabolism process starts to slow down at quite a fast pace actually.

And then overall there is the age-related weight gain, inflammation, and DNA damage as you get older so anyone over the age of 26 or 27 can consider taking NMN Bio and especially people after 40 should really consider taking this to support their healthy ageing, increase their energy focus, and to fight the signs of ageing. I, myself, am 32 so I felt like I was right in the middle of this and that's ultimately why I decided to jump on it now.”

The Recommended NMN Dosage For people younger than 35, we suggest starting with 250mg of daily NMN supplementation every morning, preferably an hour before breakfast and alongside a tablespoon of good quality, extra virgin olive oil.

After a week or two, you might consider doubling your dose to 500mg a day. For those over the age of 35 you might want to start with 500mg, then raise your dose to 1g. How Long Until You See the Benefits of Taking NMN? A lot of our customers are keen to know just how quickly they will see and feel the benefits of taking NMN.

For Mike, he noticed the benefits within just a few weeks: “I did first begin using this for a total of six weeks to see if I noticed anything. I did the 250mg capsule once a day in the morning and at first, I didn't really notice anything, I believe, until around week three. I think it was working a bit before that, but I didn't notice it until week three.

I noticed that kind of all of a sudden I was getting a bit more done than usual - I went from making one video at a time, for example, to getting enough stuff done to make about three at a time (before editing of course) all in that same amount of time which was really good for my schedule.”

NMN Supplementation Increases Your Energy Another big boost? When Mike’s 11-month daughter began walking, Mike found he had more energy to keep up! “I obviously needed the energy to do all this and to run around with my 11-month-old who just figured out how to walk which has been a workout in itself!” Like so many who take NMN, Mike’s seen a shift in focus too: “I do think [NMN Bio] alongside my TRT has really had a positive impact. I have noticed that I am able to focus a bit better I'm able to get around a little easier with some more energy.”.

To follow Mike’s lead and try NMN Bio for yourself – or if you’re ready to step up from 250mg to 500mg – visit the NMN Bio shop here. To subscribe to Mike’s channel – where he shares full updates on his TRT as well – click here.