Will NMN break a fast?

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Fast becoming the anti-ageing wonder supplement the world is turning to, one of the key questions on everyone’s mind is whether it is possible to experience the multitude of NMN benefits whilst also fasting?


For so many who are fasting, often driven by anti-ageing, cultural, religious, or weight-loss reasons, they don’t want to miss out on age-defying, energy-boosting, and increased focus benefits supplementing with NMN provides. So how can you access this hotly tipped NAD+ booster and still fast?


Put frankly - the jury is still out on this one. Popular opinion is there are no cons to taking NMN whilst fasting. World-renowned ageing genetics expert, Dr. David A. Sinclair, Ph.D., Harvard professor and bestselling author of Lifespan, explains he takes NMN with yoghurt each morning, alongside resveratrol, openly confirming, “[I] don’t regard that as breaking my fast.” With the vitamin B3 derivative containing zero sugar or calories, and therefore not expected to instigate insulin production, many have followed David Sinclair’s lead. 


On the other side of the coin, fasting experts, such as David De Angelis in his book The 80/20 Pareto Diet: The Magical Power of Intermittent Fasting for a slim body and a smart mind, highlight the importance of not consuming even artificial sweeteners during a fast “due to the vagal insulin stimulation given by the sweet taste”. Luckily, with a purity of more than 99%, the premium NMN used in our supplements also means you can feel safe knowing exactly what you are taking, without the worry of hidden sweeteners.


Supporting the idea that combining fasting with NMN supplementing to boost NAD+ levels makes good sense is the fact fasting causes you to produce more NAD+. Whilst fasting alone doesn’t produce the optimum level required to reverse the DNA damage experienced with ageing, fasting is expected to help – as David Sinclair states “We found that longevity genes are turned on by fasting.”


Whether you are fasting or not, we’ve learnt from David Sinclair the leading ageing science experts themselves take their NMN first thing in the morning before breakfast gets served up (or for most of us, wolfed down!). This helps ensure you can maximise the effects of improved energy and focus throughout the day, which adding NMN to your morning routine can bring.


For many, NMN and fasting go hand-in-hand, as adding this NAD+ precursor will amplify the long-known anti-ageing benefits of fasting. Whether you take yours during your fast or upon refeeding may still be up for debate… The scientific research shining bright on why you should take it is quickly becoming indisputable.





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