NMN Review: The Best Anti-Aging Supplement In The World?

NMN Review: The Best Anti-Aging Supplement In The World?

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The most recent review of our NMN was shared by a certified brain health professional, Greg, (from Your Inception), on his YouTube channel.

During his review, Greg explains why NAD+ is required in humans as it is used for energy from food, DNA repair, and aiding our cell's defence mechanisms.

He goes on to explain that human clinical trials have shown the best way to top up NAD+ levels is by supplementing with NAD+ boosters like NMN.

Why do we need to top up our NAD+ levels? Well, NAD+ levels decrease as we age. Supplementing with NMN has been found to have many benefits which include: Faster DNA repair Increasing mitochondrial function Lowered risk of obesity Reduced heart disease Improved fitness Muscle endurance

The above benefits have been found in numerous animal studies. So, the question some may have is, will these benefits be the same or differ in humans?

Well, there have been more recent studies on humans which have found that supplementing with NMN increases NAD+ levels, and increases muscle insulin sensitivity in pre-diabetic women.

It was also shown to have a positive impact on aerobic capacity in amateur runners. The great news is NMN human clinical trials are ongoing! Greg's experience with NMN Greg started with one capsule of 250mg NMN in the morning during his first week and then increased it to two capsules of 250mg NMN (500mg) for the second week.

In his third week, Greg increased his dose even further to 1 gram per day. Greg stated that although he increased his intake to 1 gram a day, he did not suffer from any side effects- which is great to hear!

Studies have shown, that doses up to 1.2 grams daily are also safe. Greg shared that most supplements with similar benefits don't have much of an effect on him, as he naturally has high energy and high mood levels.

He, however, personally feels that adults above the age of 40, supplement with NMN, as opposed to younger adults, as they may feel the benefits of NMN more. Based on the findings and studies available to us so far, and with further studies that will undoubtfully support the supplementation of NMN, Greg feels NMN may be helpful for anti-ageing. To check out the full video, click here.